A Few Thoughts on Gender Neutrality

Apparently ‘degender fashion’ is a thing. Which personally I find to be annoying because as a woman, women’s clothing often time doesn’t fit me. I’m pretty sure that women’s clothing is designed to fit pubescent children. I’m pressed to find a pair of pants that fits me well. Now we have to accommodate people with wide shoulders and a low hip-to-waist ratio? Women’s clothing doesn’t fit anyone, so hop on board the body dysmorphia train! The fashion industry already has enough problems – can’t we just fold this into body positivity? I’m all for accommodating more people, but women’s fashion doesn’t even accommodate the people that they’re designing clothing for, so what are we supposed to do about that?


I’m generally not a fan of neutrals. Not into taupes, greys or Switzerland. So when it comes to the neutralization of gender, I’m a bit lost on the net social movement implied by gender neutrality. I guess I could do some research, but I’m perfectly comfortable making uninformed judgments from this perch on the Internet.

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