Where Do All The Karens Go?

I assume that after having their racist freak outs, the Karens just go back to wherever the fuck they came from, which is probably somewhere white, suburban and prosperous. They go back to their nice white lives, in their nice white homes, with their nice white families – all of which was not and never will be enough for them, because if it were enough for them, then they wouldn’t need to have racist freak outs. What’s so terrible about being middle class and well off in America? I don’t understand what kind of hell that is, because I don’t understand why having a nice life inspires so much racism. It doesn’t seem like hell from the outside, but I hope it is, because if that’s where the Karens return to – well, I just want some sort of reassurance that they’re suffering. I would prefer to see them dragged to the town square, drawn and quartered, or whatever other sort of medieval justice we can imagine to rain down upon them – because that would be satisfying. It would be nice to know that the Karens are in pain in a public way. Even though I know that the spectacle of one white woman’s suffering wouldn’t counteract centuries of racism – I just want to the thrill and the immediate gratification of justice as entertainment. I want to feast on the schadenfreude of one Karen’s suffering. I want to be filled with it, bursting with it, drowning in it. I want to digest it for days and shit it out, until I am empty again, and then we must feed the beast again. I want to dance in the destruction of their marriages, their reputations, their relationships, their jobs, their homes. I am a glutton in the halls of cancel culture, and all I desire is more and more and more and more.

But perhaps there is a hell I do not know, and that is where all the Karens go. Perhaps hell is not the fire and brimstone that I crave, but the stasis of mediocrity and the middle class. There must be something so punishing about the white, middle class American woman – it has to be terrible, otherwise it wouldn’t produce such terrible people. It is a terror I do not know and cannot understand, but perhaps sending the Karens back into the hole that they crawled out of is the best punishment we can give them. It certainly isn’t satisfying, but, then again, perhaps it’s a satisfaction that I have yet to grasp.

I am filled with hate, yet again, and this burning circus of Karens is a glee filled revelation.

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