What happened to feminazis? Where did they go? Or did they even exist? I haven’t heard anyone get called a feminazi in quite some time. I’m pretty confused about feminazis. I’m pretty sure that ‘feminazi’ wasn’t used for self identification – rather, it was a slur hurled at women who were ‘too feminist.’ After a quick google search, I discovered that the most recent Internet think pieces written on the word ‘feminazi’ were published in 2015 – six years ago! It’s an interesting timeline – it seems that the popularity of the word majorly declined after the election of Donald Trump, which we all know is when white supremacy gained a lot more mainstream traction again. It seems that all the trolls, incels and scrotes who loved the word ‘feminazi’ realigned their understanding of the word ‘nazi’ – before 2015, people still associated nazis with bad things, but Internet extremists started embracing it full heartedly during the 2016 presidential election. I’m beginning to think that there was some overlap there – perhaps the people calling women ‘feminazis’ were actually just themselves nazis, and they quietly reclaimed the word and took it back from the realm of insults. Which leads me to wonder: does this mean that we should be calling female white supremacists ‘feminazis’ now? I might try it out. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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