Cancel Identity Politics!

Well, no, not really. I’m just frustrated with identity politics at the moment. Which I guess is ironic because I rode the coattails of identity politics pretty hard in the last few years. But, as with all things, good things must come to an end. Perhaps it’s seeing identity politics used as a branding strategy by pretty much every company that’s hawking anything from detox teas to astrology tarot decks to bad wine to mortgage loans. Maybe I’m just burnt out on it. Or maybe it’s that identity politics has been coopted by abusers and predators, and now I have to deal with the exhausting bullshit of navigating what it means when black, queer women or trans women are credibly accused of fraud, sexual abuse, and violence. Cool. This thing that I believed in has been ruined by capitalists and creeps, and it makes my skin crawl. All I wanted was for my friends to have good jobs where they got paid a lot of money and weren’t mistreated by their bosses. I wanted my friends to feel safe in public places. I wanted my friends to have access to resources to live their American Dream. It took us so fucking long to have our voices heard, for identity politics to gain credibility, and as soon as people said, “Okay, we’ll support black owned businesses” (and meant it!), the language got stolen, and…I am so tired. Now we have to come up with a new language to support marginalized people that also excludes the creeps and the capitalists that are always trend hopping behind us. It’s going to take forever! I think I’m too old to participate in that on a meaningful level, but, luckily, the next generation is coming up behind us, and they seem to have a lot of energy and good ideas, so have at it, kids.

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