Saturday January 2nd 1965

My mother recently gave me the love letters that she and my father wrote to each other during their brief 3 month courtship before their marriage. They were both young and attending UC Berkeley during the Free Speech Movement. This is the first one.

Saturday January 2nd 1965 to Dale

Hi –

              I really shouldn’t write so soon – but I hope you don’t mind. Did you get off alright – no consternation of any sort – I hope your parents don’t dislike me very much for keeping you so long – of course it wasn’t all my fault –

              Guess what?! Cause for great excitement – I finally got the kitchen window down! Chills & thrills. My flowers are so pretty – but the bottom petals are turning brown – but I pulled those off & now they look almost new – I also took my black coat to the cleaners & the lady said she’d sew the buttons back on & I cleaned the front closet and now I’m sitting writing to you! I taped the map you gave me to the wall near my bed – oh joy!

              About the FSM [Free Speech Movement] trials – are you going to be tried or merely sentenced? When will you know?

              I really don’t have that much to say – but I thought I’d write you anyways.

              I was looking for your address & I found it isn’t yours I have, but Lana’s – so I called Berkeley information & now I not only have your address – but your phone number too – isn’t that just great?!

              I tried calling my brother today and ask if I could stay with him for the weekend of the 15th – but his number has been – record stopped – disconnected – so I shall therefore have to write him a letter. I don’t know your number so if you would be so kind as to enclose (?) it in a letter (hint) it will be greatly appreciated.

              Thanking you in advance –



P.S. please write when you have time

P.P.S. I sort of miss you

P.P.S.S. I do miss you

Is this stationery too much?

Oh – are the demonstrations going strong again? – what’s the main objective?

I think my pen needs a refill

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