Worst. Insurrection. Ever.

Ok, I get it, I’m supposed to be mad about all these liberal talking points, but in all honesty I don’t *really* care because I’m an American, and there’s nothing more American than not caring about other people. Really, I’m just mad that these magat Trumpers attempt at a coup was so anticlimactic. They stormed the Capitol Building and then…took selfies?! What the fuck! I thought y’all were just getting started, but, nope, no booms, no bangs, no blow ups. I thought the Q Anons were all about triggering the libs, literally, with their guns, but…sigh. As someone who is a fan of the political spectacle, this wasn’t very spectacular. I was excited about grabbing some popcorn and watching some mutually assured destruction in the form of political theater, but, nope, I did not get to watch the cops versus Trumpers show down that I was so eagerly anticipating. I guess I should say thank you to these wingnuts for finally galvanizing the lazy ass Democrats into doing something decisive – although, I’m not entirely sure this talk of the 25th amendment has legs because the Democrats, in the depths of their hearts, still suck. I should also thank the wingnuts for outing themselves, too – saves the rest of us a lot of work. Hopefully lawmakers seriously investigate the police and their complicity in white supremacy. This is how bad it had to get for the rest of the country to wake up and take this shit seriously. Anyway, that being said, this insurrection was quite laughable, and while I love to laugh, I’m also a fan of the insurrection just as a general concept, so it was disappointing to see it executed so poorly. As an anti-authoritarian anarchist, it was definitely exciting to watch an attempted coup go down, but I must admit that it was a bummer that the fascists were the ones who tried to pull it off. Granted, we did learn a lot. However, today is a new day, so it’s another opportunity to plot moments of subversion and cultural destruction. God, it feels good to be an American.

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