Hot Takes on Bad Dates

First, off, yes, I know I shouldn’t be looking for strange during a pandemic, but it’s degenerate week and I just can’t help myself. Secondly, wow, I forgot that the pandemic has been made all of us gradually less and less social apt, but, again, wow, the men…what is going on with the men! Maybe nothing, but I just haven’t been around the men is so long that anything they do registers as wtf on my social Richter scale. What bothered me about this particular date was the conversation. As an intelligent woman, I know how to debate a variety of topics, and I also have my own opinions that I’ve formed without help from mainstream political influencers because I’m cool like that. However, it seems that I had forgotten that men don’t like being intellectually challenged by women. These types of men love their hot takes and their unsolicited opinions on things they know nothing about. It’s a tedious dynamic, and I found myself in it again last night: talking to a man who thinks he’s smarter than he actually is. It makes for insufferable conversation, mostly because these men like to argue themselves into circles without having any concrete evidence of things on which they speak, but I’m an amenable gal, and it’s not like I hang out with people are very politically different from me, so I always find a way to wind the conversation back to something we can agree upon. Which always seems to be lost on them. There’s something we agree upon. Can you hear me? You don’t need to argue at me anymore. We basically kinda agree just for different reasons. Hello? Oh, you’re still talking? You’re still mad? Are you mad because we agree? I’m so confused. Now things are weird, and it always lands me at this weird emotional standstill of: didn’t I come here to fuck you and now you’re being mean and angry about something we agree on? Is that supposed to get me in the mood? Like, oh, wow, big smart guy with the big loud opinion knows how to debate with the air! Honestly, I find it to be alienating. I guess it goes without saying that these men are bad in bed, but, eh, decided to say it anyway.

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