A Return to Sanity

I can’t really do any of it any more – astrology, herbal medicine, 9/11 was an inside job, Jesus, kombucha. All of a sudden, all the mumbo jumbo is just exactly that: nonsense. There’s something about watching the conservatives jump onto the bandwagon of conspiracy theories that makes me want to jump off. No, I can’t be seen here if they’re here. I can’t believe in auras and spirit healing and the deep state anymore. They ruined it.

Or, maybe they made it better. Maybe they opened my eyes to how truly absurd believing in all that stuff really is. Maybe I’ll be happier now that I put my faith in tried and true scientific results. I can throw away my essential oils and my incense holders and my tarot cards and just exist in the now. Because isn’t that what all the new age feel goodery was about anyway – it was a form of escapism that was still marginally tied to reality. The belief that there is more to healing than ibuprofen and iron pills. I can’t get with it. If white girls can practice witch craft then it’s clearly not real.

I’d rather be mired in the moment. In the here and now. In the things I can truly measure and feel. Sure, astrology is fun to think about, but that’s all it is and all it should be: entertainment. My guiding life principles are rooted in the hard truths of the human condition. I am here, in this place and in this body, in this moment which is turbulent, and with these people, who are chaotic. The sooner I accept the chaos of my existence the sooner I will be closer to the joy of my own personal disorder. There is no rhyme or reason to any of this, but I still love poetry and philosophy nonetheless.

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