Red Pills

My winter time wasting activity this year is going to be: learning all about QAnon. I’m really excited about it, mostly because now that Trump lost I feel emotionally girded to dive into the cesspool that is America. What is America all about? What did all that Trump shit really mean? It’s not like it’s going away at all. Reading about the fringiest part of the Trump phenomenon is really just an exercise in examining other people’s mental illness and the unique way that America triggers the psychosis of child sex trafficking, lizard people, JFK Jr is still alive, adrenocrome, and all that jazz. The worst parts of America reveal what America is really about, and taking time to laugh at people who have lost themselves in these newfangled conspiracy theories is just another way of knowing myself. I’m not above any of this shit, nor are you. Where we go one, we go all, and the QAnon-ers are going deep into the belly of schizophrenic political delusions. Like it or not, we are going with them. So let’s look at the road ahead.

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