We Can’t Keep Living Like This

But we will. They say that cockroaches are the only creature that will survive the nuclear apocalypse. I think they’re wrong. I think humans survive, too, because you know who’s more cockroach-y than cockroaches? Humans. We have mastered every terrain from Antartica to the Gobi Desert. We have lived through war, famine, disease, fascism, genocide – all of it. And just like we survived those greater atrocities, so, too, shall we survive this. We’re just not going to have a good time doing it. Which is where all the complaining comes from. We, Americans, are loath to give up our creature comforts and live like the lesser-thans. To Americans, living like a third world citizen isn’t actually living. It’s dying, which is why we think we can’t keep living like this. But we can. And we will if we must. If there’s anything I have come to believe in lately, it’s the tenacity of the human being. Like a cockroach. Even in times like this.

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