It Is A Great Time To Be A Foodie

Yes, those passe, self indulgent, restaurant driven hipsters. Always so annoying on Instagram with their manicured coffees and extravagant sandwiches. But now, in the age of the decline of the restaurant, in an era where there is no more table side service, or ambiance, or unique vintage glassware, or mood lighting, or tweezer plating – it is a great time to be a foodie. To just revel in actually enjoying food rather than succumbing to the anxiety of looking at what everyone else is eating and wanting it. Most food doesn’t look beautiful in a cardboard to go container. Brandishing your $75 dollar meal is a bit gauche, especially because photographing it in your own kitchen, which might be messy or full of dirty dishes or just not that great looking. Everyone’s cooking at home, and, well, they’re not all very good at it. So it is a great time to be a foodie. To quietly and triumphantly nourish yourself. To cleave yourself from the inferiority complex of eating on the Internet. We can all just sit at home in silence and alone and eat the way we always should have eaten.

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