Man Eaters Have Feelings, Too

Several people have called me a ‘man eater’ which has given me pause. I looked up the definition of a man eater, and it seems that man eaters are considered to be promiscuous, manipulating, cold hearted, withholding, deceptive, and hell bent on under mining men’s confidence and self worth. I mean, sure, fine, ok, maybe I’ve got a touch of all of that in my heart, but, also, um, excuse me! I more than just a cold hearted bitch. I have feelings and needs, too. Just because I have given ‘a chance’ to men who I kinda knew weren’t up to the task of dating me, and just because I walked away from those relationships with no remorse or regret, doesn’t make me a mean person. If anything, I think I’ve been pretty open and honest on a social media level about my expectations of relationships, dating, sex, etc. If someone hasn’t done their research, that’s kinda on him. I do my research. If anything, I yearn for love. I love being in love. I like relationships. I’m open minded when it comes to dating, and I accept that I will make mistakes, and I’m not too hard on myself about it. If that makes me a man eater, then, damn. Fine. I just rue the idea that female confidence is always flipped into a pejorative. But whatever. Anyone who’s worried about labeling me a ‘man eater’ probably isn’t my caliber of person anyway.

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