I am looking for the answer to the question of, “Who will we be when all of this is over?” I’d like to know now if we’re going to be better because of it, but I doubt that we will because have you met us? We’re horrible. Everyone keeps telling me that nothing will be the same, but what will really change? We are all the same people we have always been. We will just exist under different circumstances. Perhaps some of us will find salvation in that. Or valiance. Others will perish beneath the mere concept of change. While others will grow fangs and claws where they didn’t know they had any, and they will take up the mantle of destroying all of this because no one else will. Me? I’m content with being myself at sea in the middle of the storm. If I die here, I will die being the most me I have ever been, and if I survive, I will not be surprised by the person I will become when I get back to dry land. Demon or angel, I have always been the person that I will be tomorrow, and I can also always be someone else.

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