My Life Is Better Because You’re In It

I realized this the other day: my life is better because of a very small group of people who have influenced my life to be better. I wish I could type out that list and give credit where credit is due, but unfortunately I will never talk to some of those people ever again because fuck those people. Which makes me pretty sad – the mix of emotions, the split between gratitude and loathing, is confusing.

I guess falling outs are inevitable. They happen some time, and if I’m going to think about the positive impact that certain people have had on my life, I’ll take it. I can dwell on the negative later.

Although, the people that matter the most are still a part of my life today. So I’m going to take the time to tell them to their faces: my life is better because you’re in it. And I would like you to be here with me, always.

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