A Guide To Casually Black Listing People You Don’t Like

Actually, I can’t tell you the secrets to effortlessly and effectively black balling people you don’t like. I can’t snitch on myself like that. All I can really say is: power is a beautiful thing, but be careful how you wield it.

In other news, I was recently informed by someone I used to, uh, “be involved with” that he had stopped talking to me because he thought I was trynna set him up and rob him. The shock! The horror! Who? Lil’ ol’ me? Rob someone? I would never! I have no idea why he would think that of me. I’ve been nothing but gracious and courteous this entire time.

Along the same vein, I was walking home from the grocery store the other day when I noticed someone across the street and down the way who looked remarkably like a man that I used to, oh, how do I say this … “fuck.” I thought, “It’s either that dude I used to fuck, or it’s someone who looks like that dude I used to fuck, and, eh, I have a type, so might as well scope it out and do a casual walk by flirtation.” I thought if it’s him, well, maybe we can say, “Hi” and that will be cool. Just some simple, cordial acknowledgement.

As I walked closer, I realized, yes, it’s that dude I used to fuck, definitely. But as I neared the restaurant he was standing outside of, poof, into the restaurant he went. Which means, perhaps…did he run away from me?! Huh. That’s weird.

Whatever. People I used to fuck but no longer talk to can do whatever they want. I’m having a great time without them, so who cares.

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