Happy Pride Month

In an effort to not be another problematic straight, I thought about all the great ways in which queer culture has richly enhanced my life. The list is pretty long, but the first four things that come to mind are 1) wow, I would dress like shit if it weren’t for the LGBTQ crowd. Yes, I recently watched Pose, and, goddamn! Talk about a constant reminder that I will never, ever be that fashionable, which is fine, because there are certain times in life when the pupil must admit that they will never out do the master, and fashion is definitely one of those arenas. Thank you for your never ending effort to make the world a more fashionable place. 2) Would Catholic art even exist without gay people? What would my parents hang on the walls of their home if not for gay artists? Yes, the hypocrisy runs deep on this one, but would the straights have done anything innovative and beautiful with Catholic art if left up to their own devices? and 3) we all know that straight women aren’t the ones writing cheeky blog posts about how to take it up the ass, and, also, I have a sneaking suspicion that straight women didn’t pioneer teaching other straight women on things like how to ask for oral sex, how to receive oral sex, and how to masturbate. I’m a straight person, and I’m pretty sure my sex life would be boring as fuck if it weren’t for gay people. 4) Feminism.

In conclusion: thank you, LGBTQ community, for those four things, and all the other things that I haven’t listed here. The world would suck without you, my life would be so boring without you, and I’m sorry that people have been mean to you. I love having you here! I couldn’t imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn’t grown up five miles away from the epicenter of gay culture, but I’m definitely a better straight person because of it. I can never repay you.

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