Update From the End of the World

He howls when he cums, and he cries in the night. Soft gentle sobs emitted into the darkness when no one is looking. But I am looking with one eye, rolled up between sheets like an outpost of comfort. Come here, baby, be close to me baby, let me hold you, baby. Skin to skin contact, let me feel your heart, and you can feel mine, so you won’t feel alone in quick moments of crisis.

He is a beast with two faces – a simulacrum of rage, a gut full of tears. Or, at least these are the faces I have seen today. There are many more faces than that. More than I will ever see. More than he would ever show me. These are the faces I get to see, oscillating at whim from one to the other. With his dick in my mouth and his teeth on my flesh. With that knife at my throat while he’s making me cum. Then I bark like a dog when I’m cumming because pet loves master and master loves it when pet barks like a dog.

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