Masturbation & Narcissism

Originally written November 26, 2010

Masturbation. Which is also something she likes to do, the pornographic visions of self in tangle with some studly and unhumanly hairless man. Just like all those girls with their godlessly smooth skin and over tweezed eyebrows and bedroom eyes. Those girls, who always know the right thing to do at the right time, photoshopped into oblivion by someone else’s idea of the ideal woman. somehow, and her holding herself up to that standard, somehow and delusionally putting herself on the same level of attractiveness and winningness.
Which is what she sees when she flips through magazines – a distortion of self copied and pasted into fantasy magazines filled with fantasy women, and somehow she thinks she is so close to fitting in between those pages, to belonging in the pantheon of women who have actually never really existed…

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