Adventures in Intimacy

“Men can be such ugly creatures.” I’m sitting on Gangsta Boo’s lap in the bathroom as we’re doing our nightly dental routine. I look at him, wide eyed and with a mouth full of toothpaste, trying to give an enthusiastic nod to his statement without messing up the tooth brushing.

“How can you lie next to someone and not give a fuck about their heart or their health? It’s so ugly.”

I spit in the sink and pipe up, “I think being drunk has a lot to do with it.”

“Americans don’t know how to have sex sober.” I give a half nod again as he sticks the toothbrush back in my mouth.

“People are just afraid to be close to each other,” he continues as he brushes my teeth. “I would do this for any of my friends.”

I smile at that, too. He probably would, although when he shouts to his friend in the living room, “Hey! Want me to brush your teeth for you?” His friend politely declines. I guess that’s the thing – you can offer to brush your friends’ teeth, but you can’t make them do it.


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