The Lightness of Being in Love

He shakes me awake, turns me over, and slides inside me. I am in between dreaming and heaven with him, while both of us wonder, “Where the fuck are we?” But we are here together, so we hang onto that while we hip thrust and huff in this middle of night. I have no idea who I am or why I am in this world whenever he’s not with me. I was lost without him, but now we are lost together, and that makes so much more sense. I am departing from the guideposts of life that have told me to look good, be thin, make money, get married – because all of that felt empty and worthless without him. With him, I can be anything and it will always be right. I can be naked and crying, or careening crazy through city streets, so long as I am with him – everything will be all right. I wish he could never stop fucking me. That he would never have to pull away, that I would never have to leave. That I could live inside these moments forever and the rest of reality could melt away around us. I don’t care about anything else. Not a god damn thing. I care about him and me and us and are we together, and is he close to me, and are we connected in every possible moment. I am intoxicated. I am in delirium. I am in love. I want to be perfect for him, because he is perfect for me, as we sleep in these sheets with no clothes on and no care for the rest of the world. I have lost sight of anything that is beyond him. I have lost sight of myself because I am lost inside him. We are Adam and Eve fucking in Eden, and we do not eat, and we do not sleep, and there are no snakes. Just the trees and the wind and us, in love.

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