Beyond Love

What happens after you love a person? Do you just exist in a constance of love? What happens when you’re years in with someone? After a life time? How deep does love go? Why does love turn into stagnation? Or hatred? Or resentment? Or ennui? After you love someone, is there somewhere better to go beyond that? Or is this just it.

The idea of love seems incredibly impractical. There’s a cultural fixation on the beginning of love and also the end of love, but there’s nothing very scintillating about what happens in the in between. Love in a fixed state seems very boring, but I guess there’s nothing very exciting to be said about contentment. We set our sights on elation because that seems thrilling, but how many people are aiming for contentment. It’s not a very glamorous thing to do.

What is it like to sit with love that slowly grows better over time. That digs deeper into new and unknown places. With roots that wind deep. Is this something that we should all aspire to? Or is this a talent afforded only to the lucky few. Is love that runs deep the thing that will protect us from our pain? Or is it the thing that causes it?

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