Power Words

Through the magic of the Internet, I found myself reading about conversational hypnosis. You know, the idea that you can put someone in a trance within a few bars of conversation and start steering the outcome to whatever you want. I’m in sales, so it’s a useful thing to know and understand. I have a list of certain “power words” in my phone, and I was reading them aloud to a friend as I tried to rap my brain around: how am I going to use these power words for, well, power. I looked over at my friend, who I could tell was a bit nonplussed by what was going on. By what I was talking about in general, really, but I couldn’t stop, even as she sat there, eyes glazed over.

I’ve found that’s been more of a problem lately – the incessant talking. I’m starting to feel really self conscious about it because I know it’s not an “attractive” quality and, damn, I really do try hard to be attractive. But it is a useful characteristic in other ways. Constant conversation is a pretty effective way to “assault the senses” as it were. It’s a way to create chaos and confusion because people are supposed to pay attention to the conversation, and in that effort you can trap them. Truly, the best conversationalists can talk for hours without saying anything at all but instead use it as a way to glean information about the other person’s emotional structures, defense mechanisms, inner life, insecurities and aspirations. I’m not quite there yet, but I try to practice. Mostly I practice on men because they’re such uncomplicated creatures. Tits, smile and a genuine interest accomplishes a lot in this world. Even with feminism in full effect.

But it’s not enough. Hence the list of power words I’m reading from my phone. While I’m aware that these pseudo-scientific techniques are mostly just trash psychology, I still find it fascinating that humans need to find a way to describe, explain and replicate other people’s natural talents, namely charisma and confidence. More specifically, I find it interesting that men have filmed all these hours long seminars on the topic, mostly as an overly complicated way to try to fuck women. Me? I’m always curious what men are up to, what’s going behind those beady little eyes of theirs. I’m amused when they try to outwit me. It entertains me.

Which made me realize: is that what my future is? Am I going to be bussing around Middle America talking to lonely hearts clubs filled with Walmart feminists on how to use these tricks to their advantage, too? I can’t decide if that’s a grim fate or if, given the current state of the world, I’ll be coming out on top. Only time will tell.

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