Weaponizing Femininity Against Women

Another day, another Internet post that weaponizes my femininity against me. Cool.

The paranoia is real. Fake videos, bot accounts, a weird amalgamation of posts that somehow line up with what I “believe in” but don’t really sit right with me. I realize that feminism is being farmed out to Russian trolls who are using it as a tool to cleave a wedge into society and create social chaos. I guess it’s just wild to see my fundamental belief in “gender equality” as a weapon of discord. The idea of equality is now an agent of unrest, which is strange because isn’t that antithetical to what equality is all about?

I get it – I’ve been outwitted. By the Russian government no less. It’s strange to see otherwise good principles being twisted into toxicity, tinged with violence and repackaged into something that harps on peoples basest fears of exclusion and extinction. I realize that, from a theoretical, this is an incredibly clever and effective strategy. We Americans certainly do love our ideals and principles. We cling to freedom and love and equality with an almost violent passion. This, which should be an objectively positive trait, is now being used against us.

It’s exhausting. It’s like we’re being gaslit by entire country. And to what end? This is the thing I don’t get. I mean, yeah, I get it, it’s all about geopolitical power. But when I think about myself in the grand scheme of that, I have to ask: what does that really look like? So women are supposed to be oppressed so that certain people can cling to power, and how is that ideal for anyone? I’m an optimist, so I’d like to think that every person is trying to rebuild society as their own personal utopia, but I’m not a fascist so I don’t understand how anyone can equate fascism with utopia. Sure, there’s a panic and chaos to psychopathy that I can’t really anticipate or understand, and to some people pure expression of pain is some sort of utopia. But aren’t those people in the minority? And can’t we weed them out? Shouldn’t we, the sane majority, be able to overcome this?

I guess not. Even my idea of the “sane majority” is a quickly fading idea. So I guess it’s all about strategy then, isn’t it? More about that later.

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