What Is Up With Men’s Bathrooms?

A couple weeks ago, I was at the airport with my friend when of course the women’s restroom was closed for cleaning. Having just gotten off an airplane, we were disinclined to meander for another couple hundred meters to the next bathroom, so we sucked it up and went in the men’s bathroom. (Actually, we were pretty stoked about going into the men’s bathroom because we’re weird like that, but, anyways…)

Yes, we got a lot of weird stares, and that’s just another story on its own, but what piqued my curiosity was: what the fuck is up with men’s bathrooms? I mean, y’all just in there whipping your dicks out in front of total strangers! Like, is that cool? Do you like that? I really wanna know: how many of y’all are in there looking at strangers’ dicks in the bathroom? I know you so-called “straight” men do it, too. Or have you just been socialized to not look at another dick, waggling around mere inches away from your own? What happens when a stranger looks at your dick? Is that weird?

I have so many questions. Also, I have questions about the social implications of men taking their dicks out around each other. I, as a cis woman, must admit that I can’t think of a comparable experience in my life. As a man, you might take your dick out multiple times every single day in front of strangers! So crazy! As a woman, I get to enjoy the total privacy of sitting on the toilet in a private stall. I don’t have to look (or not look) at another woman’s genitalia every time nature calls. I just sit there, text a little bit, wash my hands, and, boom, good to go.

I guess what I’m trying to gauge is: does the act of whipping your dick out empower men in a way that I don’t know about? Does it reinstate a sense of confidence that directly translates into sexual culture – if you’re brave enough to whip your dick out in front of strange men in the bathroom, does that experience reinforce itself as a confidence with pulling your dick out in front of other people, other places? Like it’s no big deal? They’re just desensitized to the underlying shame of public nudity?

Sure, some men are probably socialized to understand where the line is drawn – but what about other men? Are they just comfortable with their dick out in the open, for anyone to see? Because, let me tell you, that is definitely my experience of dicks.

Women, on the other hand, don’t have this same kind of genital-unmasking experience. Sure, there’s the locker rooms in high school or at the gym, but, again, those tend to be male dominated arenas. A woman who doesn’t work out might never find herself in a situation where she has to reveal breasts or vulva to anyone other than her doctor.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind flashing my pussy every time I went to the bathroom because I’m weird like that, but, I have to wonder: men, are you comfortable with that? It’s just cool? No second thoughts? Would you prefer private urinals if you could?

Honestly, to me it seems super gay (in a non-pejorative sense), which is fine because, get it, giiirl, but also, aren’t most of these men super straight? Is it that they’re just, at the heart of it, okay with a little bit of gay in their lives? Which is ironic because I’m sure that wanting to piss in private without anyone looking at your dick would somehow be classified as the exact opposite of masculine by some dumb asshole. As in, wanting privacy somehow correlates with femininity because isn’t whipping your dick out in front of other people just peak masculinity? Ugh, I don’t know, my preconceived notions of masculinity and men seem pretty wild, but, then again, sometimes the shit men do, I’m just like…woah.

Anyways, comment below if you hate public urinals, or if you’re okay, or if you just don’t think about.

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