Devil’s Three Way

So, in a reprisal of a theme from Fuck Feast, I am here to tell you the story of me propositioning something that is not a dictionary definition of a devil’s three way, but it gets pretty close.

Readers of my previous blog will remember the recurring character Gangsta Boo. He’s an erstwhile lover that left the Bay a while back, but we’re still on good terms. I’m pretty sad that he left the Bay, but it’s for the best. Also, some of his friends are sad that he left the Bay. One in particular. I’ll call him Suga T (because he’s a sweetheart and his name doesn’t start with T).

A while back, there was a rumor that Gangsta Boo and Suga T were gay for each other. Yes, I had someone come up to me at a party and tell me that. Both Gangsta Boo and Suga T loved that rumor (mostly because they love attention), and I liked it, too, because, oh, I don’t know, I’m a bit of a fucking freak and, yes, it’s true, I did masturbate to that fantasy more than once. However, it’s just a rouse. They’re merely really good friends. Which is fine.

Now I’m sure you think you know where I’m going with this whole “Devil’s Three Way” theme, but hold your horses for just a second. Let’s back it up a bit. For years, Suga T has been coming onto me and pretty much directly asking me to sleep with him. I relented for all this time, mostly because I knew that all he really wanted was to suck the taste of Gangsta Boo’s dick out my pussy, and afterwards I’d have to suffer through Suga T asking me who’s better in bed, him or Gangsta Boo. Meh, pass. I didn’t need the bootleg version of Gangsta Boo dick because I had the real deal. There was no no point in fucking Gangsta Boo’s best friend because I’d just be thinking of Gangsta Boo the whole time, and I honestly don’t need that in my life.

Last night, I ran into Suga T. Both Suga T and I are sad that Gangsta Boo is gone. That, however, is not enough for me to want to sleep with him. Of course, he propositioned me again, which is fine, but I had to level with him. I told him, straight up, that I didn’t want to fuck him because I didn’t want us to fuck each other and just think about Gangsta Boo the whole time. Suga T said he didn’t mind.

I considered it. I thought: what would it be like to fuck Suga T? Probably good, I guess. But the looming idea of Gangsta T in the room just killed the vibe of the potential sex scene.

Then I got to thinking: Suga T doesn’t mind the idea of Gangsta Boo being in the room. All those gay rumors. And I know Suga T hella loves and misses Gangsta Boo. What if…what if we played that out sexually?

Yup, that’s right: what if I put on a Gangsta Boo mask and made Suga T fuck me and call me Gangsta Boo the whole time?

Oooh, I’m getting wet just thinking about it. It would check a lot of boxes for me: my straight bait fantasies, missing Gangsta Boo, it’s a good way to clear the awkwardness of fucking Gangsta Boo’s best friend (because, honestly, no, Gangsta Boo would not care if I fucked his best friend). Plus I have a pretty in depth of knowledge of Gangsta Boo’s bedroom habits, and I think it would be fun to try to replicate that in a pseudo-gay sex scene.

And you know what else I wanna do? Film it and send it to Gangsta Boo.

This is my devil’s three way.

I texted Suga T asking if he’d be down, but, so far, no response. Honestly, I just wanna slap this guy in the face with a fake dick and make him put it in his mouth…but, will I get to act out my weird, gender bending, kinda gay fantasies? It remains to be seen.

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