He sparkles in the darkness of night. He refracts all the light that hits him, reflecting it back at itself with a beauty we didn’t see coming. He radiates even we aren’t when looking, even when there is no one to see him. He pierces through the blackness, brilliant and bursting, like white teeth at midnight.

But who would he be in the daytime, when the sun is shining, and the world isn’t looking. Is he only beautiful in moments of stark contrast, when we least expect it? Does he burn in the night because he would shatter during the day? I wonder who he would be without the demons of his darkness. If we would notice him at all if he walked among us right at day break. Is he only a proper creature here, where it is dank and it is a prison. Do we only look at him now, because this is romantic, and without the proper lighting the mood disappears and he becomes one of us. He is resplendent in his cage of midnight. His teeth in the night gleam easy. Would he be a beast if he walked among us? Would we recoil if this weren’t a quick stop in the tour of his world? Would we welcome him with open arms in our home? Or would he blind us in the daylight, and it easier for us to keep him here, like a pet, where his brilliance is easy for us to admire and even easier for us to walk away from.

I walk towards him, hand outstretched. Not to touch him, but to be touched by him. I whisper to him that I will take him away from here if he will take me away from there. We can be wild together in a world that doesn’t want us, so long as we are wild together.

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