Lately, I have pressed myself with perplexing question: Is there such a thing as an objective reality? In this fever dream we call life, is reality merely a summation of a collective delusion, defined by the things that we agree upon? Reality seems to constantly change from second to second, swiftly becoming different things for different people, incessantly reshaped by new revelations of these so-called “truths.”

What can really be known. What in this life is incontrovertible. What is fact, undeniable and proven despite all the protests. Is reality intended to be a summation of all truths?

Reality cannot be a summation of all truths, because all truths are not known and cannot be known. To claim that reality delineated itself perfectly along the revelations of truth would be to deny what happens in the absence of truth: human creativity. The human mind is keen to draw up so-called truths, dressed up in the garb of truth, with no real veracity behind it. The human mind is so hell bent on claiming that reality is a summation of truths, that we knowlingly create non-truths just for the sake of continuity in our story of reality. This is why reality can never be objective, because we are too busy cleaving truth from non-truth without any real mechanism or measurement or sure fire way to weed out the non-truths.

Our reality is built on a house of cards. Our reality is built on a foundation of rock. We cannot tell the difference between what is about to collapse and what will stand tall forever. We cannot tell what anyone else is holding behind their backs: is it a hand full of wildcards? Or a fistful of brick?

What are you holding. In this reality that you construct for yourself and for others. Are you building something? Or are you breaking it down? Have you created a beautiful reality? Or are you standing on top of something that is secretly teetering? Have you orchestrated the entire collapse? Have you convinced the world that their house of cards is truly sturdy? Or can you tell an intelligent person that their rock solid foundation is in imminent danger.

And then what. How do we rebuild when all we will ever have is rocks and cards, blindly stacked up in the same way all over again.

All I know is I can turn rocks into cards and cards into rocks if you give me the right tools and matters of perspective. Teach yourself how to make the fortress of someone else’s reality crumble, and you will rule their world.

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