Another Con Job in a Long Line of Con Jobs

Time to apologize again. To hang my head and beg for forgiveness. I know the timing is suspicious, seeing as I *need* something right now, but I’m hoping that the forgiveness I am pleading for will be all encompassing, and that I will be forgiven for the opportunistic apology. Let’s smooth things over. I need some money.

If he loved me then, he should love me now – I’m exactly the same person, just a little bit more broke and little bit more willing to compromise what were previously my hard and fast morals around what constitutes my personal dignity. I’m just as funny and witty and charming and pretty when this wallet is empty, so hopefully he won’t notice the difference until after the money’s gone. It will be a painless process for him. I am going to make sure he enjoys it. We will have a grand old time bailing me out of the poor house. We will look back and laugh one day.

Although, this begs the question – will I love him when I’m flush? I hope he doesn’t stop to ask that question, because I don’t want to answer it. Last time this happened, I ran off to the races in my brand new clothes, looking good on his dime and leaving him at home to clean up my mess. I wonder if he’ll forgive me for it. I wonder if he’ll let me do it again. Every time this happens, I have to beg a little bit more, but, lucky for him, I am ready to beg as much as I have to. I know how to say please with his dick in my mouth and tears on my face. I know how to look pretty with his fingers around my throat. He fucking loves that shit. I know it will work this time.

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